What to pack to be fashion-ready on your vacation in the Bahamas
July 28, 2018 Places
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Planning a trip to the Bahamas? You cannot go without a proper preparation, can you? A trip to any sea beach will require a separate pouch for your beauty care, a few beach-wears and of course, last but not the list a proper planning. The bright sunny morning will be a pain when you will see the tan on your skin or even the spots that will cover your face. But how will you know what to carry along with you? How to be fashionable and beach-ready, yet keep your skin and hair protected? That’s why we are here with the list of beauty care that you need to carry when you are visiting the mighty Bahamas.

Hair and body shampoo

A good bath after the long swimming and sunbathing is very essential. The rental houses in the Bahamas are quite luxurious, so a long bath for cleansing the hair and the body will be most comforting. This will remove the chlorine, salt and sand, which may cause harm otherwise. The bath will provide a sensation of freshness and with a clean and soft skin and shiny hair. You can use separate body shower gel and hair shampoo but make sure it has all the needs to remove the unwanted residues of a beach bath.

Sunscreen Gel

It is important to carry a sunscreen gel. It is mandatory if you see that way! No matter how fun it is on the beach, the ultraviolet rays cause enough harm to the skin. Though tanning sounds cool these days, but trust us, you won’t like to be disproportionately tanned after you come back to your daily life from a beach holiday.


Never say no to more than one pair of shorts when you are planning a beach holiday. Shorts can be worn in the daytime as well as for night parties. Morning look can be paired with a bikini and a shrug and for the night, you can pair it up with any top and you are good to go. Carry a pair of cotton and jeans shorts so that you can mix and match with the tops you are carrying. You can also try wearing them underneath a sarong. Why so much to think about a pair of shorts? Because you need to look trendy in the beautiful Bahamas.


A beach dress is a basic need when you are planning a trip to the Bahamas. Why? Otherwise, what are you planning to wear at the night parties? Bahamas nightlife is pretty popular across the globe. So when you are hitting one of the pubs, you can be properly dressed to add to the oomph of the club. Shift dresses are good for night parties, but considering crazy fun you will be having there; you can go for long flowy dresses to keep yourself comfortable.


Can you imagine your beach photos without sunglasses? Of course not! Pack more than one pair so that you can wear different types of sunglasses with different outfits. The big frames are not just trendy but it also helps you to keep your face covered. However, the cat’s eye frames are placed higher in the trend-o-meter and you can carry that too. Aviators are out this season, so avoid carrying them even if you have one.


Do you know how big saviour the hat can be when it comes to protection from UV rays? Well, carry a Panama hat and you will know. It covers your face thus keeping you away from sun rays that can cause harm to your skin. It will even add to your chic style and complete the beach look that you are planning to have.


What can be better footwear than slippers? It is easy to dry and you can wear it with almost everything. From skirts to beach dresses to shorts, a pair of slippers will be good with anything that you are planning to wear in the Bahamas beach. You can carry an extra pair in case you need to match with the dresses you are carrying. But anything you carry should be waterproof and should dry up easily.

Lip balm

This small wonder may just slip out of your mind. But before you forget, put it in your travel pouch right away! Wondering why? A chapstick or a lip balm will always be handy in case of dry lips. The weather is always unpredictable and the sun rays may cause irritation in your lips. Make sure you carry one with UV protector. It will keep your lips smooth and soft.

Hand and body lotion

The beach weather can make your skin dry and dull. If you do not want that carry a hand and body lotion to use after bath or before the going to bed at night.

Hairspray or gel

Not just your skin, even your hair can go through a dry and dull spell when you are on a holiday not taking much care of the precious hair. Even the wind from the sea carries a bit of salt in it causing havoc damage to the hair. Carry a spray of a hair gel or even a serum to keep the beauty of your hair intact and make it look and feel healthy.

Body spray or perfumes

A good smell is always soothing. When you are on a holiday you would not like to smell bad, will you? Carry a body spray or a perfume, whichever you prefer to use, for daily use. Match the smell with beach vibes and your mood is set for your entire holiday. Moreover, the beach can become quite humid causing a lot of sweat. You know what to use to kill that body odour!

Hand sanitizers

Another essential and must-haves of the list. Beach life is crazy and when it comes to hygiene you will never be happy to know that beaches can cause serious illness if the hygiene is not taken care of properly. Carry a small hand sanitizer in your bag and use it before having food. You will be sorted!

Follow the list and enjoy a healthy and fashionably beautiful holiday in the Bahamas. Beach vibes only!

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