#MoveitLevy: The Flat Belly Workout
October 21, 2013 Beauty and Wellness
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I was one of the Clium Ambassadors last year. I lost 5 lbs after a month of diet, exercise and taking Clium Fiber. Although I still have lots of pounds to lose, what I learned about being one of the ambassadors is that I am now aware of what to eat and what to do to have a fit and healthy body. Unfortunately, I am procrastinating so getting my desired weight and body is delayed for how many months now.

I have enrolled at the Nestle Wellness FitFil Boot Camp at Alabang this November, and I am hoping that through this 12 weeks workout challenge, I can really make exercise a part of my system.  Bro. Bo Sanchez mentioned that to make your new regimen to work, you need to do it for at least 21 days.  Please wish me luck to finish the session and hopefully do it continuously after.

I found this Flat belly workout from Clium Fan Page.  It looks like a Crossfit Exercise, and I hope I can do these steps soon.

flat belly workout


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  1. Wow, losing 5 lbs. in a month is good. They say the first month is always the hardest part. Your next months will be smooth sailing.

  2. Good luck mare!

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