I visited the University of the Philippines Diliman!
July 11, 2011 Places
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I have never been to University of the Philippines Diliman before, maybe because the place makes me nervous and intimidated. I’m nervous because I know there are lots of activists in the area and because I know activists always makes rallies, I imagined the students always rallying all over the place (silly me!).  On the other hand, I feel intimidated because only selected students can pass the UP exams so I am thinking of many nerdy students roaming around (if only I tried to take the exams when I was studying then I will know if I can call myself one of the exceptional student hehehe).  But, since I signed up for a FREE seminar entitled: A.C.H.I.E.V.E. (Awareness and Conquest in Helping, Educating, and Valuing the Exceptional s)  for every Saturdays of July and the venue was held at the Benitez Hall College of Education UP Diliman Campus then my dream of going to UP became a reality.

Before I went there last Saturday, I checked the internet first for some possible ways on how I can go there.  I know that there is a jeep from SM North Edsa but I want to try something new so I choose the Fairview route and I went down at Philcoa.  From Philcoa I rode a jeep with the UP Campus signboard.

My heart is beating fast while I’m on the jeep because I am afraid to ask the driver where is the building of the College of Education and that I heard before that UP is a 400 hectares land and the campuses are quite far from each other.

Good thing I saw someone who is cutting her ticket at the jeepney, and she looks familiar with the place so I am watching her from a far on where she will go down.  But since I am used to looking around while on the way I saw the Benitez Hall sign before she can even say “stop” to the driver.

I was amazed on how beautiful the UP Campus scenery is.  It’s raining at that time and yet there are lots of bikers and joggers roaming all over the place.  I even saw students playing football at the center field and that they don’t care if it’s muddy (I think I am referring to what they called the Sunken Garden here).

The place is so relaxing, you know I love Green and the place makes me feel I am at the different place outside the metro. If only this place is near in our area then I will surely be here ALWAYS.

*** the Sunken Garden looks like this maybe when summer (photo via:

Next Saturday I will visit the place again, I hope it will not rain so that I can go around and check the place more.  Those who have been in UP what are some of the places worth visiting there? I heard Chocolate Kiss restaurant is a nice place to dine in.  They also say that the Beach House has the best barbeque ever or maybe I should try Mang Larry’s Isaw.

I’m really excited!

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  1. hello ms.Levy..hala busy si is like I am going back to my past po..Yes you have to ride a jeepney sa may Philcoa po and it says U.P. ikot..I worked po before as a bank teller in Planters Bank U.P. Diliman branch nung single pa ako..goodluck po ms.Levy I am so happy for you po 🙂

    nyt Ms.Levy..enjoy your day always and start it with a smile po 🙂

  2. i havent been to UP. I also wanted to study here but I was not given the chance to take their entrance exams, wala kasi nagsabi sa akin kung panu 😉

  3. I miss UP! I was at Chocolate Kiss recently, but I didn’t walk around. Enjoy your Saturdays there:)

  4. I really like the ambiance of UP. I’ve been to Chocolate Kiss also but it was about 2 years ago. The barbeque at the Beach House is really good as far as I could remember. I hope the price is still student friendly.

  5. Hi! I’m a blogger, and I was googling for photos of the Sunken Garden that I could use in my post. One of yours turned up, so I hope you don’t mind that I used it. The scroll-over text indicates the source, and I linked the image back to this post, so if anyone clicks on it, they’ll find your blog. If you do mind, please just email me at and I’ll take it down. Thanks! Oh, and this is the post I used the image for:

    Cheers. 🙂

  6. hi levy, pwede mo naman gamitin ang SUNKEN GARDEN na picture. pwede bang pakilagay mo na lang kung sino ang kumuha ng picture na yan. salamat.

    eto yung taong nag kumuha ng picture na yan.

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