Diet Pads, what’s in and out?
March 20, 2011 Beauty and Wellness
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The weight loss and diet industry has seen so many programs come and go but the year 2009 revealed how people are choosing how they get to reduce or maintain weight. While many sensationalized diet fads managed to catch attention for a short time, the most sensible ones stayed and held their ground.  If we were to scan a list of the top programs, several “quick fixes” can be spotted but whether or not they’d be on the list next year and the following years to come is actually the most interesting part.

The most reliable programs encourage people to be physically active while making healthy choices for their food intake.  Realizing that deprivation of the body usually backfires in the form of more weight gain, the focus of these programs are in training people to opt for foods that are denser in nutrients, thus providing the body better nutrition without feeling sated.

Among those in the running, Weight Watchers comes out on top.  They started their Pointsplus Program which basically allows a person to eat the food he/she wants as long as the daily range is maintained, with of course, an active lifestyle.  Watching weight has now become an online activity which can be done individually or with support groups.  Depending on how one looks at it, this can be an advantage or disadvantage.  Many clients however have voiced their preference for the earlier program over the Pointsplus, claiming that the latter does not provide much result compared to the former.  Others say it’s just a matter of choice.

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