We had BRUNCH at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH)!
April 19, 2011 Food
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Last Saturday, Noel and I went to PGH to visit Kcat before she went home.  After going there, we decided to have BRUNCH at Robinson’s Ermita, we don’t have have any place specific in mind until we passed by The Old Spaghetti House.  We never ate there so we decided to try their menu.  I learned that Kcat loved Old Spaghetti House’s Squash Soup so I ordered it since I am curious what it taste like.

Pumpkin Soup P75.00

It’s my first time to taste this soup and now I know why Kcat loves it.  It’s creamy and so yummy! I think I can eat 3 bowls of this in one sitting.

My husband Noel ordered the Golden crusted Chicken, Ham and cheese crepe with Angel Hair Pomodoro.  He likes the crusted crepe since it’s cooked perfectly and taste delicious.  The melted cheese makes the overall taste complete.  The gravy sauce compliments the meal too.   He just doesn’t like the Angel Hair so much since he said it’s sour because of too much tomato but maybe that’s what Italian’s really like.

Golden crusted chicken, Ham and cheese crepe with Angel Hair Pomodoro P180.00

I on the other hand, ordered the Pan Grilled Glazed Chicken with Java rice.  The chicken sauce has orange taste, and it’s the only thing that gives the chicken taste.

Pan Grilled Glazed Chicken with Java rice P135.00

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at The Old Spaghetti House.  Their food is fair enough for their price.  Next time we want to try their TRIO TREATS. Yummy!

To know more about their menu and store locations, check out their website HERE


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  1. i miss eating there too, haven’t been for a long time. Ill make sure visit there next time we are in Pinas

    Visiting here via The Bloggers Exchange, enjoy the rest of the week
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

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