Sangobian: Go Love Life Launch
May 18, 2014 Beauty and Wellness
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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the launching of Sangobian Go Love Life. I said yes to the invite because I thought that I need a ferrous sulfate supplement. I feel weak and tired every time I am having my monthly period.

I feel miserable when I can’t do the jobs that I should be doing.

Women especially moms are naturally nurturer. Some women love cooking for others, some like to give gifts, while others enjoy lending a helping hand. It is in these acts of kindness that we often feel happy and fulfilled. Although we have much love to share, we often show love for ourselves the least.

I agree that by focusing on our own well-being and pampering ourselves once in a while, we learn that in order to give love, we must begin loving ourselves first.

I consider going to events as one way to have my me time.  My husband don’t mind if I go out the house once or twice a week to go to events that I like.

The Sangobian Ambassadors

The Sangobion Go Love Life Campaign presented their new celebrity endorsers Kelly Misa, Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Jenni Epperson.



Go Love Life Pledge
We were asked to make this pledge

I will love myself so I can keep on loving,
I will take time to be pampered, so I can take care of others.
I will care for my health, so I may continue to give life.
And as a Sangobion woman, I will stay true to promise
and take Sangobion every day.
Never will I neglect my mind, spirit and body, so I can Go Love Life!

3 Signs When You Need An Iron Boost
  • Fatigue- Ranting constantly because you’re just too tired lately? “Accept it, you’re getting old!” is the dismissive reply we often get. But take note, tiredness is not always just a ‘sign of aging’, it can be a sign of iron deficiency too.
  • Lack of Focus- Can’t concentrate? Yes, your annoying officemate can be a factor or there’s just so much going on you can’t think clearly. But don’t forget that too little iron affects the blood circulation in the brain. This may be the reason why you’re having a hard time to focus.
  • Paleness- Sporting a new look? Nude make-up may be the latest trend, but if you’re looking pale even with a bit of blush on that’s not the look you’re aiming for. Check your iron level. It may be the key to bringing back your glow!

The Sangobian Challenge

The launch was also the kick-off for Sangobion’s 15-day challenge.


Sangobion is also partnering with select establishments to treat women to special pocket events including a shopping spree and a makeover session, which are expected to draw in more women to the cause.

Sangobion’s new efforts truly show women that caring for others also means having a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s about loving yourself first so you can fully embrace the life you lead.

Sangobion is available at all leading drugstores nationwide. For more information visit

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