PhilCare: Provides a new definition of a health provider
June 6, 2014 Advertorial
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Nowadays people are recognizing the importance of having a healthy body inside and out.  I noticed that when the demand for organic products is increasing.  Juicing is now a trend which most celebrities use for dieting, I think this is a lot healthier than taking pills. Exercises such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilate, PX90, Pole Dancing, Crossfit and a lot more are also recognized more today.

Some companies even consider putting a gym or sponsors weekly workouts for their employees to encourage them to be on top of their health. I hope that every corporation do this, it is actually a very nice idea.  I heard that some companies even do their team building or yearly outing to a place that provides total wellness (a place that is quiet, with rooms for massage and relaxation and seminars about the advantages of being healthy and well).

I strongly agree that a relaxed, happy and healthy employee delivers far better results than an overworked and stressed one.

Also, companies can save more if they have healthy and productive employees which barely get sick and always present.

The other day PhilCare sent me a box of different products that is all about wellness. Sometimes all we need is a reminder to get back into shape and stay healthy, and that is what this box just did for me.

PC2 According the the brochure included in the box, PhilCare has a program for individual clients and companies.
Wellness for Companies

  • Responsive corporate health coverage bodes well both for employers and their employees. Providing your staff—or perhaps even their dependents—with   health plan is the sign that you value your employees’ work, and this appreciation can go a long way in terms of retention and even recruitment.
  • Companies that promote wellness can also look forward to better productivity. A healthy and motivated set of staff results in less absenteeism, greater focus, reduced overtime, and an overall culture of creativity and professionalism.
  • PhilCare360 is the first-of-its-kind wellness program that fully engages clients’ workforce to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle. On top of the health care benefits it offers, PhilCare360 provides total wellness intervention with a set of plug-and-play events, activities, and sessions that work together to jumpstart, motivate, support, and sustain your company’s wellness initiative.

 Wellness for Individuals

  • Your life and your family are your biggest blessing. It does make a lot of sense then for you to provide your family with the best partner that can help you take care of their well-being, especially their health. In fact, choosing the right health coverage for you and your family may be the most important decision you’ll ever make.
  • PhilCare has a complete line of health and wellness products that allows you to choose the type of coverage that’s best for you and your budget.
  • By being part of PhilCare, you and your loved ones not only enjoy world-class health care, you also become part of a larger community whose members are committed as you are in attaining wellness.
  • PhilCare’s wellness community gets exclusive access to traditional and non-traditional health programs, fitness events, as well as discounts in partners that also promote a fit lifestyle.

PhilCare recently launched its Android app, the PhilCare Go!Mobile to members so they can access its services via their smart phones.

You should also check their website: Instead of the usual “about us” and “our services” found in most HMO websites, PhilCare converted its website to a full on online wellness magazine.

I like that the website is not mostly about the company, but for people who demand more information about achieving a fit and active lifestyle.

Check their website to know more.

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