Mirror mirror everywhere who’s the prettiest of them all!
April 27, 2011 Did you know?
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Before, the mirror was only used to check yourself and your outfit and it is usually placed inside the bedroom. Now mirrors are recognized by most interior designers as one of the important tools to make a house and room look larger and sophisticated.

There are lots of mirror styles and designs that you can choose from out there.  There are wall mirrors, vanity mirrors and even decorative floor mirrors.  A mirror can make an illusion of a larger space.   Not only does mirrors help make a room look bigger but it can also make a room look brighter because of the appearance of light through it’s reflection.   The mirror is usually put on a bare wall.  Having a wall mirror will also save you from getting additional decorative designs in your wall since it can be your stand alone decoration.

Another kind of mirror which is nice is called the decorative floor mirror.  Unlike the wall mirror that is placed fixed in a wall, this one can be easily transferred from one place to another.  I personally prefer having this kind of mirror than the wall mirror.  But if you have a very active toddler in the house, then this is not the best type of mirror for you.

In a bathroom, the best mirror to be used there is called a vanity mirror.  You will surely be praised by your guest if they saw your bathroom clean and with a gorgeous mirror on it.

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    anyways, I love MIRRORS. az in. I have a very big wall mirror in my room just beside my cabinet. 🙂

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