Keep your water clean with water filters
September 29, 2013 Home and Living
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Water is a staple in the diet and should be consumed each and every day for optimum health. One of the challenges of drinking enough water is finding a solution that allows you access to clear, cold and delicious water without resorting to purchasing case after case of bottled water. Bottled water is a big problem for the environment and is very costly for most families. Filtering the water that is delivered through your refrigerator is one simple way to ensure you have access to delicious water and ice anytime, without resorting to buying bottled water. Air and water filters for your refrigerator can make a big difference in the smell, taste and enjoyment of ice and water that is delivered through the refrigerator’s automated system.

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You typically need to replace the air and water filter in your refrigerator biannually to ensure odors are eliminated and water is clean and refreshing. You can also replace your refrigerator’s air and water filter anytime you notice odors or want to improve the taste of your water. Your filter should be designed for your refrigerator and should be made with high quality materials. For example, filters that are carbon activated are best for using in refrigerators because they are very efficient in removing odors and pollutants from the air. Make sure that your replacement filters are for your brand and model refrigerator to see the best results.

Choosing high quality air and water filters, such as the Electrolux water filters at, for your refrigerator is the simplest way to reduce the amount of trace minerals and other contaminants in your home water supply. Adding air filter and water filters provides you with beverages that taste as refreshing as bottled water but that are also more affordable and better for the environment. High quality air and water filters remove odors and water additives so that your beverages taste better than bottled water every time. Since you need an average of sixty-four ounces of water a day, filtering your air and water inside the refrigerator is the first step to making hydrating as delicious as it is nourishing.

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