I have a problem in speaking!
February 27, 2013 Life Thoughts
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Whether it’s in English or in Tagalog, I can’t express myself very well.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.   A friend advised me that because I am used to writing and typing, speaking the word loud while reading books is advisable to develop language skills.

I am ashamed to admit it but I even enrolled in a language class to improve this problem.   There, we were taught how to speak in English using an American accent.  We are around 20 in the class, and we were told to repeat what the instructor said, one by one.  Every time it’s my turn to speak he looked at me with an awful face, as if he is hearing a cat barking. Yes that’s how terrible I am in speaking English (what more speaking with an American accent).

You can’t blame me if I am not that good in speaking English, I didn’t grew in an English speaking community so I just learned about this language at school.  The only time that I was encouraged to use it was when it’s time for me to report in class, that’s all.

I thought that speaking English is my only problem, but my husband told me and I also noticed that sometimes I say sentences in Tagalog that is also not understandable.  It’s not because I speak fast but sometimes I speak words differently (weird no?)

As of now, I am trying to read aloud to practice the muscles in my mouth or my tongue in speaking English words (and also Tagalog).  We also used the English language to communicate with my son (he can’t understand Tagalog).

Regarding the short class that I enrolled, well I didn’t finish the course.  We transferred from Paco to Cavite so I found it hard to travel every day.   Maybe I need to enroll again to one that is near our place.

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  1. Yes, they say practicing is one way of doing it right. Reading out loud is also a good thing. If you continue this, there will be considerable changes in your speaking habit.

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