Four Ways to Boost Employee Morale
March 12, 2019 Tips and How to
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The best productivity occurs when workers feel fulfilled, respected and appreciated. While investing in your company’s team may require an initial cost, the payoffs can be well worth it. Whether you want to keep the high-quality employees you already have or are looking to attract new hires, here are four simple ways to make your people happier at the workplace.

Upgrade the Cafeteria

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Everyone needs a place to unwind and recharge during lunch. Take the time to evaluate the food your cafeteria currently offers. Installing something as simple as hot food display equipment can help you provide heartier and more filling menu options. In addition to upgrading your menu, you may also want to consider updating the decor. A clean fresh look with ample comfortable seating can have a huge impact on the feel of the room. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on your employees’ average work day experience.

Plan Social Events

People need meaningful relationships in order to thrive. It’s important to give your employees opportunities to develop community and form strong bonds with their coworkers and superiors. Organize a company outing to a local bowling alley or amusement park and offer discounted group rates. Hire prepaid food trucks or order catering to celebrate the completion of a major project with a special lunch. Go the extra mile to make your office Christmas party something special to encourage attendance.

Distribute Company Swag

A small gift can go a long way to communicate appreciation to your employees. Find an organization that specializes in creating quality promotional products at a reasonable price. Be sure to distribute these items periodically not as a reward for effort, but as a way to let your team know they are valued by the company. A polo shirt, hat or travel mug with your company’s logo makes a great gift that also serves as extra publicity. This will allow your employees to get the word out by making personal connections, which can be the most impactful form of advertising.

Offer Work Incentives

Develop an incentive program that helps motivate employees to not only do their best work but also push themselves towards improvement. You can incorporate your promotional products and add things like gift cards, a longer lunch break or small bonuses. Just be sure you create a plan that is realistic for your budget.

There are many ways to show your team that their hard work matters. Find ways to express your thanks and keep your business and your employees flourishing.

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