Food Trends of previous year!
April 29, 2011 Did you know?
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Food trends for the year 2009 leaned on the side of all-in-one products which combine multiple ingredients purportedly having individual health benefits.  Another trend that manifested itself during the year was the incorporation of ethnic flavors specifically in beverages but again emphasizing the health benefit.  Health foods are making it big because of the general trend towards taking better care of one’s self which usually boils down to what people put inside their bodies.

This resulted to the proliferation of many foods and beverages advertised as health foods.  Some of the products tended to exaggerate, almost sounding like the solution to all physical problems and ailments.  Others were slightly better by presenting themselves as what they are – foods that can be part of a sensible diet that can help a person achieve a healthier condition.

Aside from the health benefits, convenience also played a major role in consumer choice.  For a while we understand why manufacturers put in every conceivable health ingredients in a single product.   This is because most consumers also tend to “save time” by opting for food items that can provide them the combined benefits of several products.  The “cure-all” mentality can be very hard to ignore if one is pressed for time and does not have the luxury of sitting down for an old-fashioned healthy meal.  Even water is getting enhanced with flavors and that speaks much of what can be expected in the future.

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