Follow this quote and save your marriage
December 16, 2014 Personal
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Last Friday we went to Clark Pampanga to have a staycation at the only 5 Star Hotel in the area- Widus Hotel. Read my review of this hotel on my mommy blog (Click HERE).

We went to some tourist destinations in the area and Noel saw this at El Kabayo. I think he agrees with what is indicated there because he gamely posed on my camera when I asked him hehehe.

We had our 10 years anniversary also last Friday, and I think this quote is the reason why we lasted that long hahaha.

Okay… seriously, this is not 100% true. Noel and I have a democratic rule in the house. We always debate and argue most of the time because we have different point of views. It’s mostly small stuff, and usually we meet half way to solve the problem.

Open communication for me is the best foundation to a successful marriage. Agree??

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