How to Add Country Elements to Your Home Décor
July 13, 2017 Home and Living
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There is something charming and old-fashioned about a country home. From farmhouses, to field-side cottages, you can add a touch of country to any home—and here are a few methods how:

Add a Deck to Your Home’s Exterior

Southern charms meet modern décor when you add a deck to your home’s exterior. It doesn’t matter what kind of home you have, building a deck adds an instant uplifting element to your home design. You can go professional, or do it yourself, but you will be happy to have a place to sit in the sunshine with sweet tea in hand. If uncertain about the overall appeal check Argos to create the perfect decking area. They provide the ideal décor solution to enhance your outdoors as well as indoors. Adding to that you can also make huge savings with Argos promo codes.

Think Farm Fresh for the Kitchen

Chickens, roosters, farm life…there are lots of “farm fresh” aspects you can incorporate into your kitchen décor. The best course of action is to find a wallpaper border that matches your vision of a farmhouse kitchen. Think country apples and stars, old American colors, and touches of rustic gold. When in doubt of a DIY project, hire professional kitchen remodeling contractors for advice and input. Their entire profession is based on being knowledgeable of all décor styles and designs, so you are bound to find a contractor that knows how to add country elements to your kitchen.

Go Old-School with Picnic Checkers in Red and White

Red and white checkered patterns provided old-school charm back in the day. So, there’s no reason why these same décor patterns couldn’t be charming now. Deck your home in these little checkered accents. Or, throw a checkered cloth over the picnic table of your new deck. It would be a big hit at barbecues.

Replace Your Cups with Mason Jars

If one thing is for certain, it’s that mason jars can be used for anything around the house. In the kitchen, you can replace your cups and sip sweet tea and lemonade from mason jars. Or, in your living room, you can replace modern candles with tea lights and essential oils at the bottom of a jar. It gives the house a twinkling look.

Light Some Pie and Cookie Candles Around Your Home

There is nothing more country than fresh-baked sugar cookies and delicious fruit pies. Bring the essences of those scrumptious desserts into your home with food-scented candles. Guests will come to remember your home as smelling of sweetness and warmth. Spread the candles throughout your house to scent each room without the fragrance overwhelming your home.

When you add country elements to your home décor, you are inviting old-fashioned charm into your house. Guests will love the look and feel of your antiquated designs, while a cold glass of homemade lemonade would certainly help them feel right at home.

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