3 Factors that I consider in blogging
November 8, 2012 Life Thoughts
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It’s been 4  years since I ventured into blogging and I never thought I’d enjoy it this much from then until now. What started out as a hobby became a challenging project that continues to give me personal and financial gains today. Writing blog entries may be easier than writing essays for school or academic papers but planning and growing a blog site certainly pose a challenge for me. There are three areas in which I keep a close tab on to make sure that my blog is running just the way I like it. These are Content, Timing and Traffic.

I am not a writer by profession but I do appreciate reading well written and informative articles. As such, I exert a conscious effort in keeping my content posts interesting. I’d to keep a mix of light and entertaining entries for my readers to enjoy. There are also professionally written blogs for those who are particular with grammar and punctuation. Non-writers who would like some professional looking content in their sites can avail of online writing services if their blog earnings can cover it. These sites are similar to Best Custom Essay website which provides writing services for technical papers or term papers for students or working professionals.

Timing is another crucial factor in maintaining a blog. Offering fresh posts on current trends, issues and events is essential to keep readers coming back to your blog. It is also likely that a lot of people will be searching the web about these topics and new readers may stumble into your blog. For me, the best reward for a blogger is to know that people are interested in what you have to say. Website traffic is one indication of an interesting blog. There are bloggers who hire SEO experts to help drive traffic in their sites while some stick to having current and relevant content.

Running my own blogs helped me learn a new skill, expanded my social network, and provided me with extra earnings over the past years. It continues to be a challenge as I am still learning a lot of new things about blogging. Some blogs may come and go, but my blog will keep on running as long as there are things to write about.

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  1. Congratulations on your 4th year of blogging! If you hear any blogger meet-ups in Cavite, I hope you could post about it. I’ve been hoping to meet fellow Cavite-based bloggers!

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