Working Towards our Dream House through Home Improvement Projects
April 19, 2012 Home and Living
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Most of us have dream houses that we want to own in the future. Some are blessed with the resources to realize their dreams while others continue to work hard in achieving it. There is a middle ground in our journey towards our dream house. We need not wait for that big break or a windfall to get our dream house. We can start working on it by using the resources that we have now. Home improvement projects can slowly transform your present home into your dream house. Creating additional rooms, kitchen remodeling, landscaping, and other changes can be made gradually by preparing for it.

I am dreaming to transform this kitchen:

to any of these:

Homemakers are used to working on a budget. It won’t be difficult to set aside funds that you can use to make changes around the house to improve it. The improvements can be geared towards achieving the look of your dream house in your current home. It can be as simple as adding a new furnishing, changing the wallpaper, replacing cheap kitchen cabinets or installing glass door panels.

You can plan for major renovations like room expansions or kitchen remodeling one at a time. For instance, improvements on the living room can be scheduled for this year and the expansion of the children’s bedroom for the following year. The key is in proper planning and disciplined savings. Soon enough you’ll have your own dream house that you lovingly built over the years.

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  1. I like the 1st photo. Its looks homey and perfectly match your kitchen. Good luck!

  2. napawow naman ako dun sa kitchen na yun,,, ang ganda class na class ang dating,
    gusto ko yung second pic.

  3. Congratulations to your new HAVEN.
    You can design its interior the way you want it and
    you can do it slowly but surely and eventually…
    your dream home will be the most BEAUTIFUL
    SHELTER in the world.

  4. the last time we remodelled our dirty kitchen, i first canvass for the prices of the materials needed then religiously saved money for the remodelling to materialize, then i already have a picture of how i would like it done just like in your pictures above 🙂

  5. i like anything white (cabinets and finish)…hope to have the same on my kitchen!

  6. Congratulations on your new home! I like the 2nd photo best, more cabinets for the kitchen!

  7. I benefit reading this article. I demand to learn more on this topic

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