Working Out Without Working Hard
February 15, 2018 Health
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Go to the gym, and you’ll see people with glistening brows and bulging biceps. Achieving these goals takes hard work. Watching what you eat and living many hours at the gym are key to the casual observer. However, there are ways to make your workout more efficient without spending most days in the gym. Learn how to workout with precise intensity so that a lean physique is in your future.

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Focus on Heart Rate

Rather than performing at your maximum energy level, consider your heart rate and age. Scientists understand that there are certain zones within your heart-rate range. You have a maximum or healthy rate, but fat burning occurs at a much lower level. In fact, you only have to workout to about 60 or 70 percent of your maximum, heart-rate range. For a 30-year-old person, this range is between 115 and 130 beats per minute. This range is incredibly moderate for most people, and you’ll lose weight with minimal effort.

Concentrate on Proper Positioning

Lifting weights is a great way to improve your metabolism, but injuries are common. You need the proper position with every movement. Improve squats with a specialized stand or ask a friend to spot you. As you move up to heavier weights, correct positioning becomes even more important. You’ll avoid injury while gaining more lean muscle. Both men and women benefit from weightlifting at any age.

Don’t forget good positioning when you ride a bike or an elliptical machine. The human body works as a machine, but its moving parts have limited ranges. Stretch beforehand as you exercise for heart health and a lean physique.

Use Machine Guides

Lifting weights isn’t all about the dumbbells. There are machines with seats and guided movements, such as rowing or bicep curls. Take a close look at these machines where the instructions reside. You’ll see which muscles are involved and the proper positioning of your body. Follow these guidelines so that you don’t pull any muscles. Many people are amazed at the ease at which they can gain more muscle by simply placing their elbows or feet in the proper locations.

Ask About Personal Training

The gym might be a confusing place for you. Being a member is a new experience. Take advantage of the personal training offered by most facilities. Discuss your health goals with the trainer. They can put together a workout plan that works for you. They teach you how to move your body with each activity, which leads to a more productive workout.

Listen to Your Body

You might have a goal of working out each day. This plan must have some flexibility, however. Listen to your body every day as you prepare for the gym. If you’re overly tired or dealing with an injury, pushing through the pain may not be the best idea. Think about taking a day off to recover. You’ll be able to exercise with enhanced focus during the next day.

Your workout isn’t limited to just the gym either. Take your exercises to the outdoors. Parks with exercise stations are a perfect way to feel the burn while enjoying a sunny day. Being healthy and happy gives you a solid, quality of life. Exercise with a smart mind so that the healthy body is a given.

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