A Trip To Tapa King with Friends
October 8, 2017 Food
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A few days ago, I asked my friends to fetch me after I shopped in Shopwise and I will treat them to Tapa King afterwards. They brought their kids with them and we travelled to Lancaster in Imus just to have a taste of Tapa King again.

Upon entering, I saw Baste Duterte’s standee outside. Ohhh he’s an endorser now? Nice!!!

Tapa King is celebrating their 30th year and for the first time they got someone to be their ambassador.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered



My friends agreed with me that all the dishes served to us tastes good. Pinoy na Pinoy!

I ordered Bulalo because originally we want to go to Tagaytay that day, so para ma feel namin ang Tagaytay, nagpa bulalo ako haha.


Plus what we love about Tapa King is that they let us feel at home. As I have mentioned we have kids in tow and they were quite hyper that day. We told them to stay on our area to not interrupt other diners. We can’t blame them the atmosphere of the place is quite relaxing kasi.



We also ordered tocino meal, spaghetti and pansit but I was not able to take a picture of them because we were so hungry haha.

I hope that there will be more Tapa King’s branches so that we can easily drop by when we’re looking for classic Pinoy dishes.



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