Top Financial Mistakes that Hurt Your Family
July 5, 2013 Babies and Kids
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If you have a family then it is so important to make sure that you make the right financial decisions that will help them to have a good future. It can be hard to predict what will be needed in the future, but there are things that you can do that will help to protect you against some problems. Avoiding the following mistakes can be a good start.

Getting in to Debt

Having debts can be a huge responsibility. Having good debts such as a mortgage can be worthwhile, as long as you can cover the monthly repayments as you will end up with something that will increase in value. However, having credit card debt, payday loans and things like this can be a huge mistake. They can lead to even more debt which can put the whole family in an insecure position. It can also make the children feel that it is normal to be in debt and they may get in debt themselves as well.

Not Having Insurance

There are many types of insurance and not all of them are necessary. However, it is important to consider which ones are useful to you and your family. It is worth considering having health insurance so that you can all get the medical care that you need. It is also good to have contents insurance, in case of fire or theft and property insurance if you own your home. It is also worth considering life insurance so that your family can be cared for if you die. Income protection is also useful if you have no savings, just in case you get made unemployed or are unwell and cannot manage repayments on a mortgage or loan. Not having insurance can be extremely expensive in certain circumstances.

 Having no Savings

If you have no savings then it means that if you need money then you will not have any to help. There can be emergencies or unplanned for bills that come in and without some money to fall back on you may have to borrow money or go without food to be able to manage. This can have a huge effect on your family.


It can be so easy to spend too much money. However, by keeping a good note of the money coming in and going out, you should be able to stay within budget. This will allow you to be able to pay for all of your bills and pay for the other essentials that you need. It may even leave some money to put by for emergencies. If you do overspend then you will find that you start to creep into debt or have to spend your savings.


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