Techie concerns in the expanding world of web
February 24, 2012 Gadgets
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People who depend on computers and the internet would know the value of online storage services for easy upload and download of files, file sharing and storing back-up files.  Having a safe online storage increases your own file storage capability and makes sending large files to your contacts more convenient.

There are several online storage services that you can choose from.  However, be wary of sites that may not be able to provide you the reliability, safety and security that you need for safe online storage.  Otherwise you may find yourself losing valuable files or becoming an unknowing member of an illegal site.

Recently one of the top file hosting service providers,, has been ordered shutdown due to copyright infringement activities.  The Megaupload shutdown has left some of their users wondering what will happen to their uploaded contents since the shutdown had been in effect.  Apparently Megaupload’s FAQs and Terms and Condition state that users are responsible for keeping copies of their content and that users have no proprietary interest in any of the files uploaded in their servers.  Ergo, you can consider your uploaded Megaupload files gone and irrecoverable unless you have a separate back-up.

Before entrusting your files and your business to online storage service make sure you get to know your service provider by getting feedback from others and getting background information. Your top three criteria should be security, credibility and value for money services.   Once you’ve covered all three, make sure you read and completely understand the terms and conditions before signing up.  This is something that most people take for granted and end up regretting it.

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