Quinceañera: What It Is And How It’s Celebrated
February 28, 2020 Fashion
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Quinceañera is a Spanish celebration that commemorates a teenager girl on her 15th birthday. The day is important as it represents her transition from a girl into a woman, so it’s a common term in the culture in which a young woman celebrates her becoming.

As a young woman, the exciting transition into a young lady is a beautiful time in one’s life and should definitely be celebrated. To do so, the young women get dressed up and may celebrate in styles and fashions we will later mention in this article.

If you are about to celebrate your own quinceañera then you will need to start looking for your perfect dress to suit the occasion. If you’re just starting your search for a wonderful formal gown that is elegant and represents your femininity, then we suggest starting at your nearby boutique or at online dress shops. You can also buy quinceanera dresses at Peaches Boutique so you can get into the celebration fully.

For now though, let’s look deeper into the holiday and how it’s celebrated in Spanish customs.

What Is A Quinceañera And How Is It Celebrated?

Quinceañera has its religious roots but it is now largely seen as a social event to promote family life and the importance a woman plays in the society as well as her family role. Latino communities globally celebrate this age of the young woman but you will even find it celebrated in areas of the Caribbean that have a Hispanic culture.

What Happens During The Ceremony

The celebration will have all of the young girl’s families, friends and godparents attending as it is considered to be an important event in her life. Moreover, there will be lots of food, music, dancing and celebrations to go along with it. The event will also see sisters or older females close to the young girl placing heeled shoes on her to symbolise tangibly this crossover into womanhood.

Image Source: Unsplash

Then the family or her close ones may offer a toast and cut a special cake if the family has prepared one. It is largely individual and there will be some common theme but each family and each quinceañera celebration is unique in its own way.

When the dancing starts, you will typically see a waltz style dance. The dance is a huge part in this occasion. 

Some girls will choose to travel to a different country for their part in the quinceañera celebration and it may be more of a formal tradition for some families. Again, this is largely personal and depends on the traditions between the generations.

As you can see, it’s a very important event in a young woman’s life within these cultures. Moreover, it’s crucial to find a beautiful dress the young lady feels comfortable and elegant in to help her outward display of femininity and blossoming into a young woman.

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