My Financial Goals this 2014
December 28, 2013 Finance
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Last year, I have set a goal to achieve before my 33rd birthday (this January).  I am happy to have achieved some and yet quite disappointed that I am not successful to do the other things on the list.  What I like about making a list is that I am more focused to get what I want and excited to see my progress in the end.

For 2014, here are my financial plans:

  • Pay Debts First – The Finance Gurus said that this should be the first thing to do to achieve financial freedom. I had 7 credit cards before and last year it was down to 3. I have wished to close it all this year 2013 but because of some circumstances I was only able to close one.  But, I am planning to close the other 2 by 1st quarter of 2014.
  • Cut down some expenses – Since I grew up not having everything I wanted, I ended up indulging on it when I finally had my own income.  When I was younger, I usually splurge on material things like bags, shoes etc., now we usually splurge on food.  We already cut on dining out last year 2013, but I am thinking to cut more.
  • Create an Emergency Fund –  Everybody needs to have an emergency fund. It should be 3-4 months of your monthly expenses.  It is better to be ready than be sorry when unexpected things happen.
  • Have a Health Insurance – Since hubby and I are both working from home, we don’t have employers to pay for our health insurances.  I am planning to get one from Kaiser Insurance of IMG.
  • Increase Income –  I wish to earn more on 2014 and I am already thinking for various ways on how to do it.
  • Pay Yourself –  This we forget to do all the time, and the finance gurus always tells us to do so.  Setting at least 10% from your income for yourself is their advice.
  • Invest – I would like to invest in Mutual Funds or Stock Market, maybe even on Bitcoins.  We already have a real estate investment, and I want to add more if we can.

This is my financial goal for 2014.  I have invested on financial literacy last year 2013 and I am hoping that I can now use what I learned this 2014.

I wish that this plan will fall accordingly and that by 2015 I will no longer write these things here.

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