Lighten up your expenses with lighting techniques
March 8, 2012 Home and Living
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The temperature is not the only thing that’s rising during the summer season. Electricity bills and recreational expenses also increase during the hot summer months. You can deal with both concerns with a few lighting adjustments in your home.

Changing conventional lights into hip and modern lighting can transform your rooms into relaxing and enjoyable places to hang out in. This can reduce your recreational expenses by motivating family members to stay at home instead of going out for rest and recreation activities. Your den can turn into a movie theater or bar with a couple of dimmers.  Kitchen and dining areas can look like a restaurant with recessed lights and a few drop lights as room accents.

this is a very elegant bathroom

Even bathrooms can look chic with modern bathroom lighting designs.  You don’t have to go to a spa for a relaxing bath or massage.  Your own bathroom can turn into a cozy and relaxing place with a few upgrades in your bathroom lighting and fixtures.

I like this minimalist bathroom design

Moreover, you can cut down on your electric bills by using energy saving bulbs that are light on the budget but heavy with benefits. LED lights are known for being long lasting, energy saving and eco-friendly. LEDs consume less energy and would therefore equate to lower electricity bills. You may also look for other LED or energy saver appliances that can help you run a power efficient household.

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