How to Find a Suitable Cosmetic & Dermatology Clinic like Visage in Winnipeg
May 2, 2019 Beauty and Wellness
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As you probably know already, physicians of any kind differ widely from one another in various ways. The same is true for dermatologists and cosmetologists. Finding a professionals like those fromVisage Cosmetic & Dermatology Clinic in Winnipeg that suits your need perfectly might require you to do some digging around. Here are some important points to remember during your search.

  1. Credentials matter

Because your face and the rest of your skin is important, you should never entrust it to just anyone. Just so you know, it takes just a medical degree to start a dermatology practice. This means not every cosmetics and dermatology clinic you find out there is qualified enough to cater for your skin. It takes years of additional study with specialized courses to be called a true professional dermatologist. A cosmetic dermatologist has further training and certification more than regular dermatologists. Also, be sure that you are only dealing with a certified dermatologist. Do your research well and be convinced that you are dealing with a professional before entrusting your precious skin to anyone.

  • Referrals are best

As with most important services, it is best if the clinic comes highly recommended. You should check with neighbors, friends and family members to see if they can recommend anyone for you. If you already have a clinic in mind already, you can ask around for their reputation and see if people have something great to say about them. If a clinic has several negative reviews, don’t expect your case to be an exception.

  • Check for the services they offer

Usually, you have a specific treatment in mind that you need a dermatologist for. It could be an acne removal, skin pigmentation issues or you want to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. You should check with a prospective clinic and confirm if they are able to handle your specific needs. look through the clinic’s official website if there is one to get a feel of their services. Learn more about dermatologists and cosmetic dermatologists and what they do here.

  • Book an appointment and place close attention

If you feel confident enough to take things to the next level, book an appointment with the clinic. However, at this point, you can still change your mind if you feel something off. A good dermatologist should listen to your story and answer your questions as much as possible. Do not agree to go ahead with treatment until you are fully satisfied that you understand everything that it entails.

A visage cosmetic clinic is still essentially a doctor’s office. This means the focus should be on you and how to make you feel better. If you feel like you are dealing with a salesman trying hard to sell you in on a product or force a procedure on you, you should leave. A dermatologist that is more interested in selling rather than helping you as a patient can’t be up to no good.

You should pay close attention throughout your appointment. Ask important questions about your condition and possible treatment. You should be provided with as many options as possible with subtle recommendations from your dermatologist. You should even get samples of any skin treatment product to try out. This way you can be sure that it works perfectly for you before settling for it. The final decision at the end of the day should still be in your hands. Thinking of getting any cosmetic procedure, go to to learn more about different cosmetic surgery procedures.


Perhaps the most important point to remember when dealing with a Visage Cosmetic & Dermatology Clinic in Winnipeg is that it is still essentially a hospital. Thus the main focus of all treatment should be how to make you feel better. Any clinic that isn’t offering this is recommended for you and should be avoided.

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