How to correct your eyesight?
March 14, 2013 Babies and Kids
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Being able to properly see is an important factor with just about anything in life. Vision defects can affect more than just an individual’s vision. In some cases, it can affect a person’s mental and physical abilities. A person suffering from impaired vision can also suffer from many activities such as doing poorly in school or a favorite sport.

Strabismus is a term that is used when an individual’s eyes are not properly aligned. This condition is related to being cross eyed or squint eyed. When crossing of the eyes are present, this means that when an individual looks directly at an object, only one eye is fixated on that object and moves normally.The other eye is fixed with it being inward, outward, up, or down.

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These are some of the many signs and symptoms that are associated with this condition, which is prevalent in adults. Adult strabismus usually is caused by many factors.

Some of these factors include a previous stroke, poor vision in one eye, a thyroid eye disease, and much more. When strabismus is present, this can also cause less interaction socially. Some of these people feel as though someone is distracted by their poor eye alignment, which then results in not wanting to interact, which can affect the person mentally.

The term amblyopia is associated with the term lazy eye. This means that the brain ignores input from one of the eyes which results in vision impairment. Amblyopia is usually caused when someone does not use one of their eyes. Not using one of your eyes can cause defects in the vision of that eye over time. However, there is treatment that can be applied to improve this condition. This treatment will align the eyes and vision will also be repaired. If this condition is untreated, it could get worse.

Surgery is the best option for someone who is suffering from this condition. There are other treatment methods such as wearing glasses or lenses, natural therapy sessions, or wearing a patch. Amblyopia surgery can be performed to treat this condition. This surgery will not cure the inability for an individual’s eyesight, but it will improve the eyesight in general. The surgery will also restore the nearsightedness and farsightedness of an individual. When these methods are applied, the objects are then placed in the correct position which will overall, provide better vision for a person suffering from this condition.

Having appropriate vision skills are important to properly develop mentally and emotionally. Vision therapy is effective when needed to improve vision.

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