How Local Ann Arbor Residents Can Find Best Painters In The Area
June 14, 2019 Home and Living
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Painting is something that anyone can do, right? All I need to do is get some paints, brushes, rollers and I am good to go. I can paint my entire house myself. By doing so, I will save some cost and also have some fun while doing it.

Oh, only if it were that simple…

Painting is much more than getting some paints and splashing them all over the walls of your home. There is a process to it and that is what differentiates the work of professional painters from those done by wannabes.

Here’s the truth, you can actually handle all your house painting jobs by yourself if you know exactly how to go about it. We will try to list some of the benefits that professional painters bring to the table following which you can then decide if these are things you can or will be willing to take on.

Importance of Using the Best Painters

Before we begin to look why it is important to have a professional painter paint your home, we need to first establish that you actually understand the importance of painting your house or any building.

Most people think that the paint on their homes is just to add aesthetic value to the building. Sure, a well done paint job will add beauty to any building. But is that all it does? Is that all the value it adds?

Certainly not!

The paint (especially exterior paints) also protects the building from the elements. When the rains come and the sun shines on the walls of your home, it is the paint on it that bears the brunt. This is why you need to refresh it from time to time.

They also act as a form of waterproof coating, reducing the rate at which moisture is absorbed into the walls of your home.

Aside from the elements, it also protects your building from insects and other living organisms that may degrade the integrity of your home. The chemicals repel these pests and also make the wood or other parts of the house unsuitable for habitation by the pests.

These and other benefits that you can find here are the reasons why having your home painted is very important.

So given the above, why do we think that it is important to work with the best painters possible? Let’s try to break down the process that a professional painter will go through to paint your home.

The benefits listed above will only be enjoyed in full when the painting is done perfectly. To ensure this, a professional must do the following:

Inspect the Location

The first thing a professional painter will do is inspect the surfaces to be painted. This will give him or her a good idea of what needs to be done prior to the actual painting.

Decide on the Best Products to Use

Having inspected the location, the next thing is to decide on the products or items that will be required. This includes the type of paint, whether or not to use primers or a type of paint that is mixed with a primer.

This is also the point where designs, color schemes and the like need to be discussed and decided on. This is the point where the painter finalizes all s/he needs to get the job done.

Prepare the Location

Having gotten all the materials required, the next thing is to prepare the surfaces to be painted aswell as the surrounding area. The surfaces may require some scrapping, smoothening or repairs before paint can be applied. The surrounding area will also need to be covered so that the house will not be left in a messy state after the job.

Get the Job Done

With all the preparations completed, the actual painting can then commence. When a professional is done, your ledges, trims and likes will be painted smoothly and without any smudges.

Another thing that you may not know is that painting cannot be done just on any day. The timing and weather have to be right. This is another thing that a professional painter has to take note of. You can see a description of the process here:

This surely is not something you want to take on, unless of course you have all the time in the world. If however you have seen that this is not something you can handle on your own, let’s help you find the right person for the job.

How to Go About Finding One

If you are looking to find painters in Ann Arbor, there are different ways to go about it. We are going to assume you need the best ones so we will review a few ways through which you can find the best painters in the area.

Search Online

If there’s no one around you who can recommend anyone, you can go online and do a near me search. A simple search will help you find Ann Arbor painters. Actually, you will find a number of recommendations. This can at least form a basis from which you can begin to narrow down your search to the one you will eventually work with.

Ask Around

The first thing you should do is ask people around you if they know any reliable painter. If people around know any one that fits the bill, it will save you a lot of stress. The best thing about this is that folks are always very quick to tell you if they have had a bad experience with anyone. That is why word of mouth is still regarded as one of the best forms of advert.

Check for Reviews

This is a great way of sieving through the many recommendations you may get online or offline. Online reviews are great for finding out what people think of the services offered by a company. You can check Google reviews or other independent review sites like Better Business Bureau. The ratings of the companies you have shortlisted will give you an insight into what to expect from them.

Get Quotes

It is always important to compare quotes from different companies. Check out the services offered and how much each company or person is charging. This can also help with your decision making process.


We hope that after reading this short article you now appreciate both the importance of having your house painted and having it done by the best hands. We also hope that with the tips we have shared here, you can now confidently find the best painters in Ann Arbor.

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