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July 25, 2014 Event
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After the typhoon Glenda, I went to Alabang to attend an event of the American Standard. The intimate get-together was held at Buona Vita Restorante Italiano at Molito Alabang with 6 other bloggers and the representative of American Standard, Wilcon and the PR agency who contacted us (the bloggers).

We started the event with a briefing from Ms. Fe of Lixil Corporation (the company that bought American Standard last yeat 2013).

After the yummy treat from Buona Vita, we then had a tour to the nearby Wilcon Depot to check the American Standard Luxury Collections. I was excited to see it because I would like to have our bathroom renovated soon.

Here are collections that were showcased:

Acacia Collection. It was designed by Lixil’s design director, Khumtong Jansuwan. This collection a blend of the emotional characteristics of the East and the natural sensibilities of Northern Europe. It features sleek lines, soft curves and geometric shapes in its designs.

La Vita Collection. This is the collection that you need if you want a more natural feel in your bathroom. This one was designed by renowned Italian lifestyle designer, Ronen Joseph. It’s main aim is to enable nature lovers to create a natural-looking paradise inside their own bathrooms.

Ventuno Collection. This next one was designed by award-winning designer Franco Bertoli and was created with the cosmopolitan home in mind. The pieces have strong and sharp lines making it more defined and then balanced by soft curves for a minimalistic look.

Ideal Design Solutions (IDS). The last but definitely not the least of the collection  was designed by Achim Pohl and Tomas Feigl of Artefakt, a world renowned German design company. It is perfect for those who have a modern lifestyle. Each piece is crafted with simplicity, sensuality and consistency in mind; staying true to their company’s philosophy that “The ordinary should be beautiful”.

IDS has 3 design variants:

  1. IDS Natural Collection- is elegant and smooth with rounded corners.  Its centerpiece is one-piece water closet with an elongated bowl.
  2. IDS Dynamic Collection- rounded of corners with sleek full-skirt water closet design, elongated bowl type and strong flushing type.
  3. IDS Clear Collection- is confident and refined with sharp lines and a sturdy built.

I also love their shower designs

This is me trying hard to look silly hahaha 🙂

american standard luxery collection

I was sitting on a Ventuno Petite which I like among all the collections. It is because it is not that pricey and it can fit in a small space bathroom. (Thank you to my co-blogger mommy Jem for this photo)

Join the American Standard Luxe and Style Raffle Promo

How: A minimum purchase worth Php 30,000 of the participating collections entitles the buyer to a raffle stub. Included in the promo are wash closets and fittings from Ventuno, Acacia, IDS and La Vita, all of which are part of the American Standard Luxury Collection. Each collection has a distinctive style, all of which are world-class in terms of aesthetic and function.

Promo period: July 12 to October 3, 2014

Prizes: Lucky winners in the raffle will get a Lucerne Gift Certificate worth P200,000 each. Each gift certificate may be used to buy the luxury watch of their choice from Lucerne Glorietta 4, Lucerne Shangri-La Plaza Mall or Lucerne Ayala Center Cebu.

To know more about American Standard visit their website here: and their Facebook page here:

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  1. fantastic bathroom accessories and things! is there an outlet here in bacolod city?

  2. nice event you’ve attended. American Standard is a trusted name when it comes to toilet bowl.

  3. Having a stylish and clean bathroom is a big plus for me. It’s why I love to take a shower with our second bathroom which is more modern although our first bathroom is also awesome considering the theme is all blue. 😀

  4. Wow. Good luck to all those who will be joining the raffle. P200,000 GC is such a wonderful price!

  5. I think American Standard has been known for the quality of their products and how stylish their designs are.

  6. Great information about the products from American Standard, your readers will refer to this in the future.

  7. The company has a name ever since and a famous brand. They have varieties of produtcts to offer with awesome designs.

  8. Glad to hear that American Standard is also available in the Philippines. It’s one of the great brands here in the US! LOL on your toilet photo!

  9. This is so timely, we are adding another room in the house and we are also building another bathroom. I’ll definitely checkout their showroom his week.

  10. I love how the designs look so modern, even the toilets! 🙂

  11. American Standard products are already proven. Sis, do they have the waterless system?

  12. I interesting concepts…
    I always thought that we should put more into the bathrooms than the crude ones we are used to.
    good luck with renovations. 🙂

  13. We used American Standard bowl in our bathrooms, they are better!

  14. That’s one of the products we used in our old home. Good thing there are so many choices in the market now.

  15. I have not known of any toilet fixture brand other than American Standard. They’re built to last a lifetime!

  16. My wife is planning to upgrade our CR. Guess , we have to visit the nearest American Standard outlet dyan sa Wilcon.

  17. I would like to have a different toilet bowl and shower head in our bathroom, too! They have the styles I want!

  18. I like that brand. We use that at home and it’s really, really durable and can stand the test of time and whatever it is hahaha. 🙂

    I don’t mind installing American Standard in our future home. I like the shape and modern look and feel of the ones you posted. I prefer the contemporary designs.

  19. Some of our bathroom fixtures are American Standard.

  20. I am based in Sydney and I am not too sure if this brand is available here. Looks like a luxurious bathroom experience for its patrons.

  21. We are blessed that we have a neighborhood Wilcon Depot branch nearby. It was plenty handy when we were having our second floor expansion done. We sometimes have to go everyday. We also looked into American Standard packages but they were pricey. We got the same design and quality for a lot cheaper. We ended up buying a Pozzi package. I was pleased to see that hotels in the metro use the same brand. Kinda tells me that it is of quality. I don’t think good hotels will buy substandard brands anyway. 🙂

  22. american standard has been a trusted brand for years, yeah if I am to buy bathroom fixtures, american standard is a huge huge consideration.

  23. Ours is like the one you’re sitting on. 😀 It’s really good to know that we have a lot of options now for the bathroom…and we are renovating our little home, I will have to tell my mom about this. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I am not so sure if this is the same brand which makes the appliances. Is it? I hope not since the appliances we had which bear the similar brand name didn’t last too long that’s why we aren’t buying them anymore.

  25. I always see this brand in hotels and I can say that the brand is really nice but I can’t afford the price yet.

  26. To remodel our bathroom is a dream I wish to achieve. I wish we have enough space for two sinks, too!

  27. Interesting! We are planning to do renovations on our bathroom and I’ll consider this brand for toilet bowl. Looks like it’s really durable. Great!

  28. Parang I think I have to have a really nice bathroom to have these accessories, nice! But If I had one, I would go for the Ventuno Petite since it could fit in a smaller bathroom.

  29. nice! american is top brand maybe we’ll it next time 🙂

  30. Ah how I wish our bathroom will wet revamped. I love modern and clean designs. 🙂

  31. We use American standard at home, it is really proven to be durable. Super sulit! 😀

  32. This reminds me of Bath Crashers that I watch in Colours. Pag may house na ko na sarili, I’d really consider this brand. Love the modern but classic look kasi

  33. parang ang saya tuloy magpa-renovate ng bathroom! it will have to wait though, when we have our own home na, he he

  34. I can see thewilcon depot there everyday with different choices of bathroom essentials eh. Though I have never been there. Sarap mag pa renovate ng bahay with these wonderful stuff no?!#Daydreaming hehehe=)

  35. Serene Shikukeza

    One of my favorite part of the house is the bathroom. This is something that I have to consider when we have our own home na. 🙂

  36. American Standard is a trusted brand. I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking into their collections when my husband and I decide to buy a house of our own.

  37. Wow, what an amazing promo! Had we been shopping for appliances now, I would gladly join it!

  38. They always have classic designs, love them!

  39. Nowadays, I find myself drooling over home furniture/decors when I go to stores like Ace Hardware. Gusto ko na sana mag DIY sa house namin, like what many Americans are doing to their homes. The prize here would be a really nice grab.

  40. I believe that a great looking bathroom says so much about your house. And remember when you go to a place, you always think what would the bathroom be like? Hehe I also like the toilet you are sitting on lol, knowing that bathrooms in the Philippines are generally small.

  41. I seem to also think this brand is for appliances. Good to know these info. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  42. My parents love American Standard and it’s going to be the same brand for our own home.

  43. The brand is known for durability. Would love to get pieces for the bathroom!

  44. I want a bathroom revamp now! We definitely need one that will fit in our small-spaced bathroom. 🙂

  45. American Standard is a trusted name and they have high quality items!

  46. I always wish for a hotel-like bathroom and world-class fixtures and accessories, libre lang nman mangarap, hahha!

  47. American Standard is a very respected brand. It is part of almost every home in our country.

  48. I seriously need bathroom revamp! thanks for the post

  49. I love the sleek designs. We’re also planning on fixing up our bathroom. Will check out American Standard!

  50. Hi Levy! It was nice meeting you at the event 🙂 Sarap mag window-shopping para sa bahay, noh? Sana in the future we’ll be able to have these luxurious line of American Standard. Hope to see you in other future events in the South.

  51. Having really nice toilet seats does make it more comfortable in the bathroom! haha! These ones look quite comfortable and sturdy too! 🙂

  52. Nice post Miss Levy!

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