10 energy-saving tips in Winter
March 17, 2013 Green Living
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As of this writing, it is very hot here in the Philippines because it’s summer.   I envy other countries who as of now have cold weather.  They can play with snows and can delay taking a bath even for a week.   For all of you dear readers who are on the other side of the world, maybe you will find these tips useful.  I hope these tips will help you to get ready in winter seasons.

10 Energy Saving Tips for Cost Cutting Home expenses during winter:

  1. Check all the insulation in your walls and attic
  2. Insulate hot water lines and set the temp to 120 degree Celsius
  3. Install a programmable thermostat
  4. Use energy efficient LED light bulbs
  5. Invest in energy saving appliances
  6. Place foam insulators behind light switches and outlets
  7. Move furnitures away from the vents
  8. Seal drafty windows and doors with weather stripping
  9. Shut the damper on your fireplace
  10. Plug home electronics in to power strips

How I wish we have a cooler weather right now. It’s really hot in here!

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